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On a notebook of my

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# 27.04.2020 - 10:34:30

On a notebook of my own, I saw a special question: If you can choose your next life, what would you choose to become? I only thought for a second in my mind, and immediately determined the answer: I want to choose to become a seven-color flower, a most colorful flower. Because I feel that as a person, I really have too many troubles, and many of my deep-rooted wishes cannot be realized. Turned into a seven-color flower, I first removed the green petal from my body to satisfy a long-awaited desire in my heart to go on a trip around the world. However, this is a great plan, and I still want a way to tear off the transparent blue petals and gently meditate in the bottom of my heart: "Please give me a hot air balloon that can fly!" , A colorful and colorful hot air balloon really appeared in front of my eyes, I took my beloved family, jumped up happily together, flying, flying, to the endless blue sky Cigarettes Online, companion with the white clouds, watching After reaching a lot of continuous green hills and a large lake like a horizontal mirror, I have to tear off the orange petals to satisfy the little desires in my heart-I hope I can grow to one and seven meters! You know, my desire is not groundless, because I have always been a short short sincerely, no matter how much I eat, it is only funny and only long and not long, you say annoying? Mother said to let it go, I know I ��m in junior high school now, but I ��m still very short, no, it should be said that it is a new height, 13 years old, one meter four, you say, who can suffer Got it? So, if I become a seven-color flower, the first big wish is to make myself grow taller and grow into a great talent! Having used three precious petals Cigarettes For Sale, I decided to do something for my family. I tear off the bright red petals, which is my mother's favorite color. I hope that this petal will help my mother's rheumatoid arthritis to heal sooner, because I don't want or want to see my mother's painful face when she gets sick. I hope she can be happy every day. This is me The greatest wish. Then again, I hope that yellow petals will show their spirits and change my father's bad temper. Because his father was a soldier, he was a steel personality who was not afraid of the sky. It was because of this that it caused him to be particularly annoyed every time he encountered a little trivial thing. Your own body also makes others unhappy. Therefore, I hope that this yellow petal can get rid of his father's anger and make him laugh every day and the remaining two petals. I hope to use them for public welfare. I hope they carry my goodwill and care for the world, flying farther and farther, to the barren land mokingusacigarettes.com, to bring the best care to each lonely person
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